Moving to Singapore and Asia Pacific Expansion

Having fallen in love with Singapore’s and Southeast Asia’s people and culture, Mr. Rivas decided to relocate to Singapore in hopes of sharing his passion for the martial art. He opened his first JH Kim Taekwondo Dojang in May 2003, in Golden Mall Complex, Beach Road. He started with a small class of 7 enthusiastic students which soon grew to 80 within a year.

Mr. Rivas’ quest was faced with many challenges. Despite facing many hardships and crisis, he persevered and rebuilt himself and his dojang from zero. With help from his students at that time, he was soon able to reopen the dojang at Middle Road, Bugis. Eighteen months after the incident, the dojang grew and accommodated 600 students.

The positive growth in number of students made Mr. Rivas open his second branch in Katong. The Dojangs continued growing, so Mr. Rivas opened his third branch at Bukit Timah area, followed by the fourth one in the city, and then at Serangoon… and the rest is history.