We teach Taekwondo as a complete system to include kicks, punches, hand and foot blocks, sweeps, joint locks, grappling, and throws, as well as competitive Olympic-style Taekwondo. We pride ourselves on our technical excellence that stems from our analytical approach and dedication towards teaching Taekwondo.

At J H Kim Taekwondo, we are at the forefront of Taekwondo instruction. Our curriculum is specially designed to help students learn in a systematic way. Our internationally-certified black belt instructors are trained to teach adult students in a technically precise yet intuitive manner. The J H Kim system is practical, and it stays relevant in modern times whilst tapping into our deep understanding of the traditions of the martial art.

At each of our schools, we offer an extensive adult class schedule with over 200 classes running each week.

Our classes range from:

    • fundamental skills
    • traditional & modern forms
    • full-range techniques
    • self-defence & other application-based classes
    • fitness and flexibility classes
    • sparring classes (including competition team training)
    • test preparation

We also offer beginners only classes for novice students and private lessons for students who would like to refine their skills under the watchful guidance of an instructor.

Older teenagers of 14 years and above who have demonstrated sufficient maturity may participate in adult classes upon the recommendation of their head instructor of each school.

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